Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Dresher Foundation?

Initial contact should be made by telephone, 410-933-0384, or by email, In this way the Foundation can determine whether the application fits within the scope of the trustees’ interest.

Please do not submit a Letter of Inquiry or Grant Application without first receiving approval from foundation staff. Unsolicited applications are not reviewed.

What is the geographic scope of the foundation?

The Foundation funds nonprofit organizations primarily in Harford County, Maryland.

Many nonprofits provide services to residents of the jurisdiction but are located outside of the specific area. We do not fund organizations, including past grantees, that are physically located outside of Harford County.

How often may my organization apply?

The Foundation will not consider inquiries or applications from any nonprofit more than once every 12 months and limited to one application.

Organizations receiving multi-year funding may not re-apply until the grant is completed.

An organization cannot apply for funding until the post grant form is completed and accepted by the foundation.

I have received a grant from The Dresher Foundation. Can I submit a new Grant Application without contacting the Foundation?

No, all applicants must follow the same process. Please contact the Foundation first for Pre-Approval.

After receiving Pre-Approval, a Letter of Inquiry can be submitted.

You will be contacted following the board meeting as to whether or not a Grant Application will be accepted.

Will the Foundation meet with grantseekers?

Generally, a site visit will be scheduled after a Grant Application is submitted.

Foundation staff is available to meet with nonprofit representatives prior to or after a Letter of Inquiry is accepted.

Should I contact Foundation trustees for support?

Communicating with individual trustees about your application is discouraged. Please direct questions and other communications to the executive director at 410-933-0384 or

How do I submit my Letter of Inquiry or Grant Application?

Please submit your Letter of Inquiry online.

Your application should be completed using the online Grant Application.

Should I submit a Letter of Inquiry and Grant Application at the same time?

The LOI and Grant Application are two separate processes.

When the Foundation receives your LOI, our Screening Committee will review it.

If we request a Grant Application it will be reviewed by the Board.

All steps of the grant process are detailed under How To Apply for a Grant.

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